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Family Law

Dealing with life's most difficult family problems that may arrise due to events outside your control.


When it comes to talking about the future especially when it concerns Spanish Inheritance process it can be difficult. Avoiding the issue is not the way around it, and at no time must it be avoided. If you are the owner of property in Spain at some point in the future it will be necessary to deal with this situation whether it be through Donation or Inheritance.

Property Sales & Purchases

Purchasing your new holiday home abroad or selling your existing property. Here at Lawten Lawyers we are here to help. Ensuring your purchase or sale of a property, along with all your legal requirements are carried out in full. Leaving you with the peace of mind your purchase or sale of the property is a legal one.

Civil Law

Civil Law refers to all legal disputes that fall outside Criminal Law.
As a result, civil law involves everything from divorce to death

Criminal Law

This is a well-known area of law. Most people have a good idea of what criminal law is.
Covering crimes, prosecution and defense. This is as good a definition as any.
However, more specifically, it encompasses the rules and statutes dealing with any criminal activity that causes harm to the general public, with penalties.

Company Overview

Choosing a Lawyer.
A most important decision.

Choosing a lawyer is an important decision. Getting the right lawyer is crucial. When you choose Lawten Lawyers we want you to feel confident that you will be well looked after, your requirements will be our priority. As qualified Spanish lawyers we are uniquely placed to assist the English and Spanish community living here in Tenerife Thanks to our English and Spanish backgrounds, we are multilingual, speaking English and Spanish and understand perfectly the legal needs of the English community. Being graduates from the prestigious University of Salamanca along with the University of Tenerife in La Laguna. Lawyers at Lawten are always trying to open up the legal process by giving advice and explaining options to clients in a concise and straightforward way, identifying a clear course of action whatever the technical or legal complexities of the subjects. Lawten Lawyers, always aim to approach legal work in a financially-disciplined way. We offer competitive rates. Our charging approach is both transparent and geared to the options open to our clients. Our lawyers generally charge by reference to time spent but we can often agree fixed fees for specific work or in some cases risk-adjusted funding structures.

The People We Help

Dealing with Spanish Inheritance

There Are advantages to deal with your Spanish assets and ensure all taxes are declared in your own lifetime. Ensuring that this the right step to take for you and your family when it comes to protecting their future inheritance.


Buying or selling property in the Canary Islands can prove to be a trying time if you are not converse with the legal procedures in place here in Spain. However, we are here to help from the start to finish. Acting on your behalf ensuring all paperwork Licenses, Permits, Community fees, Taxes, etc. are registered and acquired for you on your behalf.

Personal legal services

Undertaking all personal legal services are a part of our normal day. From Property exchanges,Personal injury claims, Registering your new Will.,Probate,Divorce, Rental contracts,Driving offences,Landlord and tenant issues just to name a few of the services we provide.


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Here at Lawten Lawyers we aim to provide a service for all, from businesses, Personal,
Property transfers, in fact let us help you to resolve your problem that may have arisen.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Law Library

Reference library

Many of the law's past and present are still keept in book form in our law library.
Along side one of the most upto date online protected law archives where a variety of resources provide information required.
All there to help protect you and your rights.

Simon Nudds

Head of department Lawyer Being ambitious and fair is just part of what I do, also believing in the rights of law and order.
Protecting our client's rights and wellbeing for me is part of our daily work program. I look forwar to meeting you.

Guillermo Santos Pérez

Civil & Penal Lawyer As we move forward with increasing pressures on our daily lives. Helping resolve many of the unforeseen circumstances that we come across has been an area I enjoy working in as part of the team.


Data Protection As we move forward with increasing pressures on our daily lives the need for data protection is about securing data against unauthorized access.
Data protection requirements that extend beyond information security requirements.
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